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Goodio Nordic Flavors x Whole Foods Market

We have exciting news for you! We are thrilled to announce that we have launched our Nordic Flavors at Whole Foods Market stores across the US. We introduce four unique flavors that are inspired by the Nordic nature.   The Nordic Flavors chocolate line highlights the charm of the unique Nordic nature with the four special flavors: Berry, Flower, Forest, and Sea. The four flavors consist of vegan, organic and gluten-free chocolate that is topped with Nordic nature’s key elements. The cacao content is between 69%–71% depending on the flavor. ‘Berry’ features wild Nordic berries – strawberry, sea buckthorn, lingonberry – and blackcurrant leaves. ‘Flower’ has flower petals and rose crystals on top of the smooth and snappy chocolate. ‘Forest’ features some of the...

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Partioaitta 365 x Goodio Chocolate Factory

During the week of International Women´s Day 20 lucky persons from Partioaitta´s 365 Club got to visit our factory in Sörnäinen. Together with Partioaitta we organized an evening full of excitement and memories, including possibility to make a very own chocolate with beautiful decorations.  We welcomed everyone with a warm cup of tea or coffee. The evening started with the most exciting part – making a very own chocolate. The new chocolate artists had plenty of toppings to choose from and we saw a lot of beautiful decorations. Everybody was able to pack their chocolate and bring it home with them. After making the chocolate our Production Manager Antoni gave a tour in the production facilities and everyone learned step...

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IT’S ALL ABOUT WOMEN – We celebrate International Women’s Day by announcing $12.000 donation to the Ubuntu Life Foundation!

In honor of the International Women’s Day we announce that we have donated more than $12.000 to the Ubuntu Life Foundation over the course of two years. For each Café Ubuntu chocolate bar sold $0.50 we continue to donate to Ubuntu’s health and education programs supporting children with special needs as well as empowering and educating women in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. Café Ubuntu chocolate is made in collaboration with Ubuntu Life Foundation and Allegro Coffee.   We are proud of this partnership with the Ubuntu Life foundation. Social responsibility is a core value for Goodio and this partnership is one of the ways we work towards this value on a concrete level.  As a small company, we are of course...

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A great start for the new decade - We are expanding our business again

We are expanding our business again - this time in two different continents! From the beginning of February our chocolates will be available in two new markets. Goodio is launching the vegan and organic chocolates in Russia and Canada. Cool right? Our vegan chocolates are available now in all Prisma Russia stores located in St. Petersburg. We are thrilled to start exporting to Russia, which has been a traditional export market for Finnish companies. What makes it even more exciting is to start the collaboration with SOK. We have had the privilege to work with them on the Finnish market for a long time.   The Canadian market is opened by launching with a distributor and in Canada’s largest bookstore...

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The Story Behind The Beans

It took some time for us to post this blog about Jonni’s trip to Peru last year. But better late than never. Here is a short story about two of the stops Jonni made during his trip in Piura Peru. We purchase most of our beans from Cacaotales an allied for Coop Norandino. Coop Norandino is a cooperative with more that 6000 smallholders and owners of the cooperative; producers of cacao, coffee and panela. These communities are located in Piura, Amazonas and San Martin, regions in north of Peru. Luis Mancini is our main contact from Cacaotales. Luis took Jonni to a trip around the beautiful Piura area. During their trip they visited two cacao farms that are really important...

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