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On Our Way To Radical Transparency

On Our Way To Radical Transparency

Hi there!

 Winter is almost over and spring is just around the corner. We have already seen many happy faces on the streets of Helsinki. Remember to keep a smile on your face – it looks gorgeous! :)

 We have been talking a lot about transparency, so it may be fair to open up what we are planning and what is going to happen in the near future.

 This year we are going to take transparency to a whole new level. Sampsa, one of the founders of Goodio, is currently in Peru and will fly from Peru to Nicaragua to explore our cocoa sources. We will also share the sources of all other raw materials and visit the farms as much as possible. This way we can make sure we work with the most ethical and sustainable farms!

 We will publish our chocolate recipes so that people can try to make our chocolates themselves or even try to improve our chocolates. Companies often hide their recipes and we think it's pretty hard to create trust by being secretive. So stay tuned  — there will be some chocolaty updates coming soon!

 With regards to transparency, we have also thought about producing our own Goodio video series. These videos would give viewers access to our everyday life, people and mission. Instead of using a well-planned script we will show you how a real chocolate company functions. The videos would include scenes from strategy meetings, products developments, jungle adventures etc. Does this sound interesting to you and what would be the preferred platform for these videos? Possibly Instagram Live or YouTube?

To keep being transparent, next blog post will be about our upcoming product releases for 2018 as well as the plans regarding our new factory.

The future of chocolate looks goodio!


Jukka Peltola

Founder & Positive Change Innovator of Goodio

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