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Good for the planet

More environmentally friendly chocolate

Goodio takes into account the effects of its production on the climate and biodiversity throughout its entire production chain, from cocoa cultivation to consumer use. We constantly optimize the operation of our production chain so that its effects on the environment are as small as possible.

Goodio's climate effects are comparatively small

Goodio's environmental impact is remarkably small compared to the production of traditional milk chocolate. This is due to the thoughtful solutions we have made at the beginning of our production chain and in the selection of our raw materials: we do not use cocoa grown in cleared rainforest areas in our products, nor milk that has heavy climate effects.

Greenhouse gas emissions during the life cycle of Goodio's products without the share of transportation (Upright Project, 2018).

A large part of the emissions from our own operations comes from running our basic operations. Since our production is small for the time being, our emissions are relatively small in terms of overall effects. So far, we have not set numerical goals for reducing emissions from our production, but we are working on it.

Our biggest emissions come from logistics. In all our deliveries, we use transport methods whose carbon emissions have been compensated by our logistics partners (DHL/Posti).

Still we are constantly trying to find alternative transport methods for air cargo. In the spring of 2022, we tested ship freight to the United States for the first time in order to reduce logistics emissions.

For personnel, we offer a monthly public transport ticket as a commuting benefit.

Biodiversity is the basis of our operations

We buy cacao only from producers who cultivate cacao organically, in the natural environment where cacao grows. The most organically fertile habitat for cacao is located in the shade, among larger trees. Such a growing environment supports biodiversity, unlike the industrial cultivation of cacao in rows, directly under the sun.

We prefer commercially rarer cacao varieties in our products, which contributes to supporting biodiversity by promoting the cultivation of rarer varieties.

Our packaging is recyclable and reusable

All our packaging materials are recyclable - some of them are also resealable plastic bags suitable for reuse. This is also why we pay attention to the design of the packaging.

In production, we use packaging materials sparingly and optimize the packaging sizes of the products so that they do not take up unnecessary space during logistics of the product.

We are constantly working to ensure that the packaging materials we use are produced as environmentally friendly as possible. We favor material producers who offset their carbon emissions and transparently report on the materials and processes they use.