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Responsibility for nutrition

Nutritionally better chocolate - also for those following a special diet

Goodio offers consumers better chocolate. By better, we mean nutritionally that only such raw materials have been used in our products that are essential for the product's taste or contribute to the quality nutritional content.

We try to make our products with as few raw materials as possible, so that the consumer can understand what they are eating.

No additives are used in our products

Our goal is to maximize the nutritional density of our products, and therefore the raw materials used in the products are as close as possible to their original form. For example, the mint flavor comes from dried mint leaves and licorice chocolate uses real licorice root.

When it comes to sugar, we only use high-quality coconut palm sugar and even that as little as possible.

We do not use any additives, which many chocolate producers use to, for example, lower costs or to make production easier. In addition, we aim for a production process that is as gentle as possible, and we do not use, for example, strong heating in production.

Free from – our products are suitable for those following a special diet

Our products are suitable for most people following a special diet, as our products do not use milk, soy or gluten-containing ingredients. The oats used in our oat chocolate products are gluten-free. We also try to avoid the other most common allergy-causing ingredients.

All our products are 100% vegan and we do not use any raw materials of animal origin in our factory.

The raw materials we use are of organic quality

All the main chocolate raw materials used in our products (cacao beans, cacao butter, coconut palm sugar, oats, coconut) are certified organic.

We only use certified organic raw materials, unless it is absolutely not possible to get the raw material as organically certified. This applies to some extremely rare cacao beans or for example birch sugar that we use as decorative elements. In these cases we do our best to confirm that the production of the ingredients is of organic quality, even though not certified.

We monitor product safety and quality

We have a self-monitoring plan that defines the critical points in our operations in terms of product quality and safety.

We can access each batch of raw materials through the batch number. Through the number you can find the recipe and information about which batch of ingredients was used for each product. This is also required from us by the organic certificate, the fulfillment of the criteria of which is monitored regularly, at least once a year.

We leave two samples per lot on the quality shelf for each lot. Our product samples are regularly subjected to laboratory analysis, which ensures the safety of the products. In addition, surface cleanliness samples are regularly taken from our production facilities.

In addition, the quality of our products is constantly monitored visually and by tasting.