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Our purpose is to make a contribution by creating healthful treats for the mind and body while protecting our beloved planet.
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Double Chocolate Chips Cookies

   As you might have guessed I am have been slightly obsessed with homemade cookies lately. I have really been enjoying playing around with the different va...

Pumpkin Cookie Dough Chocolate Balls

  Autumn is definitely the season of pumpkin-everything! I am definitely not complaining as I absolutely love pumpkins, they are so good for you, utterly de...

Chocolate and Strawberries Cheesecake Cups

    To make the most of the summer's last strawberries I whipped up this super easy and fail proof dessert. It’s a great pudding to be served at any dinner ...

Double Chocolate Bounty Bars

  If you are a fan of bounty bars you will definitely love these. I decided to add a fudgy chocolate bottom layer because you can’t ever have too much choco...

Chocolate Mousse & Chia Parfait

  This is such an easy and fuss free dessert. I love how simple it is to make and yet so delicious and satisfying. The chocolate mousse has to be my favouri...

Chocolate Chips & Almond Cookies

These cookies have been my latest favourite treat. They are lusciously chocolately but they are also packed with incredible fibre from the oats and ground ...

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