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Our purpose is to make a contribution to the world by creating healthful treats for the mind and body while protecting our beloved planet.
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Make My Heart Beet (Parfait For Two)

Show your mom some love and surprise her with this jar of happiness!    Smoothie: 1 beetroot 1 ½  bananas ½ dl (¼ cups) coconut manna 1 ½ dl (¾ cups) water ...

Your Daily Dose Of Coffee (In A Smoothie Bowl)

Enjoy your morning coffee in a form of smoothie! This delicious coffee smoothie does not only taste and look good, but also wakes you up in the morning.  20...

Don't Waste That Wrapper

Every year, the EU produces nearly 100 tonnes of waste just from packaging. The UK is now even exporting their waste to other countries for “processing.”  H...

LONDON FOODIE GUIDE - Vegan and vegetarian options

In the last five years, countless restaurants have taken on fresh, healthful menus in the British capital. It’s more than just about tofu, and meat substitu...

Chocolate for Perfect Mindful Enjoyment

Chocolate can trigger a whole range of different emotions. Some people associate chocolate with pleasant feelings and good memories. Others might remember f...

Goodio ♥ Hong Kong

Get ready, Goodio is going to Asia! We’re taking our first step in the eastern part of the globe, only after a month from our NYC launch. We are thrilled t...

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