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Good for the people

Fair chocolate

Enabling fair working conditions for cacao farmers and our staff is not just a catchphrase for us - it is the basis of all our activities. Goodio was founded to meet consumers' need to buy nutritionally high-quality, responsibly produced chocolate.

Our operating model and culture is radically transparent both in relation to cacao producers, personnel and consumers.

We actively try to influence the development of the chocolate industry with our own choices, by communicating them and thereby challenging other players in the industry to make more sustainable choices in their own operations.

We treat our producers fairly

Our goal is to act even more responsibly than the Fair Trade requirements. For example with regard to producer prices: we usually pay our producers more for raw materials than the Fair Trade certificate requires.

We only choose procurement partners who respect human rights and decent working conditions and are committed to improving the living conditions of their employees and their families.

We do long-term and goal-oriented work with our procurement partners. Through long-term supply chains based on personal relationships, we know where and how our money goes and can therefore direct it to socially sustainable cooperation projects.

We avoid additional intermediaries in the supply chain, and we do not work with subcontractors who are not open and transparent about the origin or production methods of their products.

We recruit people who have difficulties to find employment

At least ten percent of our employees have always been recruited as difficult-to-employ people for various reasons. We want to keep hand work as part of our production, because it is one way to offer easily accessible work.

The company's strong value base absorbs employees into our company, and each of our employees shares our company's values in their own way, whether it's about the environment, nutrition or justice towards people.

We regularly participate in cooperation projects promoting social responsibility.
The criteria of responsibility and better functioning are a prerequisite for any of our cooperation projects. We only cooperate with reputable parties that share a common value base with us.

We value radical transparency

Within the company, the principle of transparency is implemented, among other things, in such a way that the management talks about the company's affairs openly in the hearing of all employees.

In terms of pay, equality are also proven by the fact that, for example, in the management team, everyone knows each other's salaries and the entire management team has the same salary.

We monitor and develop our occupational safety constantly

We believe in everyday well-being at work. This means that, as an employer, we offer benefits that are important to our employees. These include, for example, flexibility in the schedules of work shifts, vacations and other days off.

We offer all our employees extensive insurance and public transport tickets for work trips

In the future, as a company, we want to invest even more in the aspects of equality.

We value open interaction with our stakeholders

We want to be as open and transparent as possible with our stakeholders, for example about the raw material composition of the products: the raw material base we use is very simple, so that it is easy for the consumer to understand what they are eating.

We regularly organize tasting and feedback events for our consumers and customers. At these events, we have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with our stakeholders.

We also interact with customers and consumers on social media channels.