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Let's Keep Growing and Innovating

Let's Keep Growing and Innovating

Hello friends,

On my last blog post I already shared some of our plans for the future. If you didn't read it yet, go check it out here. Ok, let's continue sharing what's coming up in 2018.

This year we will release three new product families. The first release will happen already next week (first in Finland) and maybe you have already heard of it! ChocOat is our version of milk chocolate (without milk of course), where its creamy taste comes from Finnish gluten-free organic oats. ChocOats have 50% of cocoa and an amazing amount of oats. 24% to be exact! Like in our other products, as a sweetener we use coconut palm sugar instead of white sugar. In addition, there’s almost 60% less sugar than in traditional milk chocolate. Pretty amazing, right? :)  

 The next release will be Nordic Flavors at the end of the summer. Nordic Flavors is a sophisticated product family and its flavors will be Forest, Sea, Berry and Flower. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This product family is primarily developed for tourists and international markets to portray the beauty of Nordic nature. 

 The third product family Single Origin will be released end of this year. In Single Origin all attention is focused on the origin of the cocoa and the diversity of cocoa varieties. Our purpose is to open doors to a fascinating world of chocolate and raise awareness of cacao itself as well as chocolate culture to a whole new level.

 Apart from these big launches, we have some smaller launches coming up such as Café Ubuntu chocolate which is developed in cooperation with the non-profit organization Ubuntu. For each Café Ubuntu chocolate bar sold we will donate 50 cents to the wellbeing of women and children in Kenya. The positive change tastes good!

On top of all these exciting product releases, we have something else to tell you as well! As you might know, in the beginning of the year we opened a new factory in an old bread factory in Helsinki at Kaikukatu 4. This is great since now our office and factory are in the same building which enables us to build our team spirit even further! In autumn 2018 after we have renovated our factory a bit more, we will open the its doors to the public! This means there will a Goodio Cafe as well as an chocolate outlet.

Some people might think we are crazy for sharing our plans publicly but we think it's just of being transparent. Sharing is caring, right?

Next blog post will be about positive impact so stay tuned!


Jukka Peltola

Founder & Positive Change Innovator

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