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Partioaitta 365 x Goodio Chocolate Factory

Partioaitta 365 x Goodio Chocolate Factory

During the week of International Women´s Day 20 lucky persons from Partioaitta´s 365 Club got to visit our factory in Sörnäinen. Together with Partioaitta we organized an evening full of excitement and memories, including possibility to make a very own chocolate with beautiful decorations. 
We welcomed everyone with a warm cup of tea or coffee. The evening started with the most exciting part – making a very own chocolate. The new chocolate artists had plenty of toppings to choose from and we saw a lot of beautiful decorations. Everybody was able to pack their chocolate and bring it home with them.
After making the chocolate our Production Manager Antoni gave a tour in the production facilities and everyone learned step by step how Goodio´s craft chocolate is made. Antoni explained all processes carefully, some of the visitor saw and tasted real cacao beans for the first time in their life!

Meanwhile our CEO Sami went thought the history of Goodio and explained how everything started back in 2015. Values of our company were presented, and Partioaitta 365 Club members asked many interesting questions. It is always great to be able to discuss about topics that are important for us.
Partioaitta is one the most responsible companies in Finland and we are very proud to work together with them. You can find our Nordic Flavors and ChocOat products in all Partioaitta stores.

In 2019 Partioaitta raised 110 625€ of environment bonus and donated the whole amount for three different foundations. Last year the donation went to Luonnonperintösäätiö, who promotes the protection of old growth forests, John Nurminen Foundation whose mission is to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations and Ympäristökasvatusjärjestö FEE Suomi that supports environmental education of children.
Partioaitta´s 365 Club is open for everyone and you can join the club for free. There are more than 120 000 club members in Finland, who value nature and enjoy spending quality time outdoors. You can make a positive impact by being part of the 365 Club - you donate 1% of the amount you spend in Partioaitta stores to their Environmental Bonus. There are also other benefits for the club members, the club organizes various different events to join like this visit at Goodio Chocolate Factory!
This event got sold out very fast so let´s hope we are able to arrange more events like this in the future. Thank you for everyone who participated and made this evening so special!

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