Chocolatey Raw Doughnut

Chocolatey Raw Doughnut

We are so glad to see you guys create these magical treats featuring our chocolates. This time we will be sharing a delicious doughnut recipe by @juliaflows. Dig in!



1 cup cashews
2 cup dates
1 tbsp
Toppings: melted Goodio chocolate of your choice + freeze dried raspberries + shredded coconut + cacao nibs


1. Blend the cashews, dates and cacao in a food processor or a mixer until smooth(ish)

2. Let it cool off in the fridge

3. Melt the chocolate

4. Make small balls of the dough and press a hole in the middle

5. Dip in the melted chocolate and decorate

6. Let it cool off again in the fridge



Thank you for the recipe @juliaflows! Picture by talented @wilhelmohman <3 

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