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Making a positive change

Hi again chocolate lovers,  As you might have read from my blog post from a few weeks ago, we want to be more transparent and share more of our plans with you!   Our company decided to change the name of our marketing team to impact team. Why? The idea behind this is to really focus on making a positive change and inspiring people instead of pushing messages to consumers without bringing them any value. The fact that we do not have a marketing budget and instead have a “positive change” budget tells a lot about what kind of a corporate culture we want to accomplish and hopefully it inspires as many other companies as possible to do the same.   On our...

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Doing good with Ubuntu Foundation tastes so good!

Hey chocolate lovers! We are sooooo proud to announce our partnership with Ubuntu Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to creating jobs and empowering communities in Kenya. We have joined forces and launched Café Ubuntu chocolate which harmoniously combines Ubuntu’s East African coffee and Ugandan cacao. For each chocolate bar sold 0,5 $/£/€ will be donated to Ubuntu’s health & education programs supporting children with special needs as well as empowering and educating women in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. This vegan treat is manufactured at our own factory in Helsinki, Finland.   As our mission is to accelerate the positive change with the world’s best chocolate, collaborating with Ubuntu was obviously an easy choice for us! We are thrilled about our partnership with Ubuntu....

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Let's Keep Growing and Innovating

Hello friends, On my last blog post I already shared some of our plans for the future. If you didn't read it yet, go check it out here. Ok, let's continue sharing what's coming up in 2018. This year we will release three new product families. The first release will happen already next week (first in Finland) and maybe you have already heard of it! ChocOat is our version of milk chocolate (without milk of course), where its creamy taste comes from Finnish gluten-free organic oats. ChocOats have 50% of cocoa and an amazing amount of oats. 24% to be exact! Like in our other products, as a sweetener we use coconut palm sugar instead of white sugar. In addition, there’s...

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On Our Way To Radical Transparency

Hi there!  Winter is almost over and spring is just around the corner. We have already seen many happy faces on the streets of Helsinki. Remember to keep a smile on your face – it looks gorgeous! :)  We have been talking a lot about transparency, so it may be fair to open up what we are planning and what is going to happen in the near future.  This year we are going to take transparency to a whole new level. Sampsa, one of the founders of Goodio, is currently in Peru and will fly from Peru to Nicaragua to explore our cocoa sources. We will also share the sources of all other raw materials and visit the farms as...

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Greetings from Our Nordic Neighbours

During the last two weeks we attended two Nordic design fairs which were held in Stockholm and Oslo. The fairs were great opportunities to finally meet face to face many of our existing B2B-partners as well as present Goodio and our chocolate to potential new clients. And of course it was a pleasure to spend some quality time with our lovely distributors, Beriksson and Oh Yes! The first trip was to Stockholm where we attended Formex. Our distributor Beriksson had put a lovely display together with all their beautiful products. This was already the second time for Goodio to attend Formex and it was so nice to be back at the fair! This time we launch our limited edition flavor...

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