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Goodio ♥ Hong Kong

Goodio ♥ Hong Kong

Goodio in Hong Kong

Get ready, Goodio is going to Asia! We’re taking our first step in the eastern part of the globe, only after a month from our NYC launch. We are thrilled to be entering the exciting Hong Kong market - a gateway to China and Southeast Asia.

We have partnered up with Food Linkers in Hong Kong which will be soon followed by Singapore. The quality conscious customers living in these cities will soon find our flavours in select stores.

Hongkongers got their first taste of Goodio at Sandlådan x Testkitchen dinner series by star chefs Eric Räty and Toni Toivanen this past week. We are very proud to say they loved us. ;)

It turns out Hong Kong is ready for raw and organic chocolate. The health food market is growing rapidly and premium options are always on demand here. Quality and superfoods are highly appreciated. People seem to be quite enthusiastic and curious about these new products.

In Hong Kong, the chocolates are available in 48 gram bars. One of the first places you’ll find them is Qualitarian.

Stay tuned and let’s enjoy the ride!

Sweetly yours,

Team Goodio

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