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Goodio Loves NYC.

Goodio ♥ NYC

Right from the beginning we have been thinking big and wanted to be global. This is the first step of our global journey outside of Europe. Oh, and don’t tell anybody, it will soon be followed by much more in Asia.
Hello, gorgeous New York! We are eager to share some sweet news with you.
We are launching our handmade, raw and organic Goodio chocolates in New York and the neighbouring states in October. Our Nordic premium chocolates are now ready to enter the market that loves everything good for the mind, body and our beloved planet.
 Grey New York with Goodio colours.
Our guilt-free and delicious treats will soon be available in select food stores in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Boston. Our first decadent flavours in the U.S. are Mint, Chili, Chai, Coconut, and Wild Blueberry.
We are really proud of having the best possible partner for entering the US market. Together with our friends at Gourmet Guru Inc., we are now ready to take a proper bite out of the premium chocolate market.
Great Northern Food Hall. 
As we are writing this from West Village in NYC, it’s fantastic to see the buzz of the Big Apple around healthier foods. Our schedule is filled with meetings with leading players in the area for the next couple of weeks. Needless to say we are super excited!
It’s love at first bite U.S.!
Sweetly yours,
Team Goodio

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