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The International Chocolate Awards

The International Chocolate Awards

Yes, we are a bit Oddball (we don't use white sugar, milk nor roasted "blood" cacao) and we just love it. Apparently it seems that the Grand Jury in International Chocolate Awards thought so too :)

We got a Special prize for innovation even they didn't have a category for chocolates where we (Goodio) would have fitted in. This was their first time they decided to give it. Oh boy and girl, it feels great to be different :)

Here is their description: 

Special prize for innovation

"Our first special prize for innovation was given to Goodio, Finland, for their use of desiccated coconut to create alternative ‘milk’ chocolate bars. Although none of their products strictly met the criteria for the categories entered, the Grand Jury chose to recognise these products for their inventiveness and flavour, giving particular recognition to Goodio’s ‘Harmony’ bar, flavoured with liquorice root and anise."

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