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6 Chocolatey Updates From Goodio

Goodio 48g Collection

We decided to go above and beyond. We enhanced our brand, packaging and products to exceed your expectations.

Here are the latest changes:

1. Let us introduce to you, our new logo, brand and slogan: It’s All Good culminates what we are all about. Everything we do is 100% good. For us it means transparency, social responsibility, superior taste, sustainability, well-being and design.  Our tagline now represents every part of the business: an effort to do good through business.

Goodio Logo

2. New sizing: A smaller 30 gram bar will be available in selected stores during November in 8 fantastic flavours.

Goodio 30g collection

3. We developed our recipes to be even more natural. As of now we are going to replace all extracts in our chocolates with unprocessed, real ingredients. For example our Wild Blueberry chocolate will contain only authentic Finnish wild blueberry.

4. We are introducing a new flavour to supplement our current collection. Please meet, Licorice & Sea Buckthorn.

5. In addition, we are renaming two of our products to better describe the flavour. For our loyal fans, the all-time favourite Dreamy will now be Coconut and Velvet is Arriba.

6. Our packaging is going to take a step forward. We have redesigned all our current packages to be more informative and alluring. In addition we are introducing a biodegradable wrapper to minimize waste.

We are excited to take the next step in Goodio’s adventure. It’s been a great journey so far but it’s going to get even more fascinating.

Team Goodio


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