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Making a positive change

Making a positive change

Hi again chocolate lovers,

 As you might have read from my blog post from a few weeks ago, we want to be more transparent and share more of our plans with you! 

 Our company decided to change the name of our marketing team to impact team. Why? The idea behind this is to really focus on making a positive change and inspiring people instead of pushing messages to consumers without bringing them any value. The fact that we do not have a marketing budget and instead have a “positive change” budget tells a lot about what kind of a corporate culture we want to accomplish and hopefully it inspires as many other companies as possible to do the same. 

 On our last blog post we announced that we’ve joined forces with Ubuntu Foundation! Together we are releasing a new coffee chocolate that will support Ubuntu's charity programs in Kenya. For each chocolate bar sold 0,5 $/£/€ will be donated to Ubuntu’s health & education programs supporting children with special needs as well as empowering and educating women in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. This is something we are super proud about! 


 The first project which we are going to be a part of is to help Finnish Juha to open three schools in the Brazilian Favelas. We will give you more information regarding this later but in the meanwhile you can watch Juha’s video here (unfortunately on in Finnish). Right after seeing this video we contacted him and wanted to help him get wings for his dream. 

 Another project that we have been planning is completely different. We would like to bring joy and beauty to our hometown, Helsinki and we’ve been wondering how we could support it. The idea of ​​Love Helsinki chocolate was born. With the profits we could sponsor the world’s best artists to paint murals in Helsinki. You will hear more about this project later! 

What do you think of these project? We would love to hear feedback from you! Of course, we are also planning other projects but you'll hear about them later when we have some more details to share :)

If you want to read more about our plans for this year, go check out my last blog post about product releases and our factory here.


Jukka Peltola

Founder & Positive Change Innovator

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