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Doing good with Ubuntu Foundation tastes so good!

Doing good with Ubuntu Foundation tastes so good!

Hey chocolate lovers!

We are sooooo proud to announce our partnership with Ubuntu Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to creating jobs and empowering communities in Kenya. We have joined forces and launched Café Ubuntu chocolate which harmoniously combines Ubuntu’s East African coffee and Ugandan cacao.

For each chocolate bar sold 0,5 $/£/€ will be donated to Ubuntu’s health & education programs supporting children with special needs as well as empowering and educating women in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. This vegan treat is manufactured at our own factory in Helsinki, Finland.


As our mission is to accelerate the positive change with the world’s best chocolate, collaborating with Ubuntu was obviously an easy choice for us!

We are thrilled about our partnership with Ubuntu. It’s always fun and rewarding to work with like-minded people who are interested in doing good. I feel that this is also a great opportunity for the consumers to make a positive impact with a simple action of buying delicious chocolate.


Jukka Peltola

Founder & Positive Change Innovator

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