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Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Matcha Smoothie Bowl


If you're looking for delicious and refreshing snacks or meal replacements made from blended raw fruits with other healthy ingredients, this smoothie bowl is perfect for you! Plus it's simple and super easy, requiring only a few minutes to make. Smoothies are almost everyone’s preferred beverages because they are tasty and you can add whatever flavor you want to create different varieties of smoothies. The basic idea of a smoothie bowl is to make it slightly thicker than a normal smoothie and then top it with ingredients you love. 



2 dl coconut milk

1 1/2 bananas

1/2 avocado 

handful of spinach

1 tsp matcha powder


Blend everything until smooth and creamy. Top with coconut milk, quinoa pops, pomegranate seeds and chia seeds -- or something else you prefer. Enjoy! 

 If you give it a try, let us know by leaving a comment below. Don't forget to take a picture and tag it #itsallgoodio on Instagram so we can be smoothie buddies. Cheers!


Recipe by Heini Olli

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