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Goodio Wins the Award for Outstanding Packaging Design at Northwest Chocolate Festival

Hurray! We won the Award for Outstanding Packaging Design at Northwest Chocolate Festival. The award is won with our Love Letters and Nordic Flavors chocolate collections. Northwest Chocolate Festival is the top show for artisan chocolate in North American and is organized annually in Seattle, WA.


Our Love Letter chocolates were launched as the first product line in 2015. The packaging design of the products has been a driving force since the beginning. It has been vital in Goodio’s global expansion to markets beyond Finland and is inspired by traditional Nordic design elements.

The Love Letters flavors often have a Nordic twist to them, such as Wild Blueberry made from Finnish wild blueberries and the surprising combination of Licorice & Sea Buckthorn.

Our newer addition to the chocolate family, Nordic Flavors was launched this January. The collection was designed for the global consumer by honoring the magical Nordic nature. The packaging design is derived from each of the four flavors Metsä (Forest), Kukka (Flower), Marja (Berry) and Meri (Sea).

The flavors in Nordic Flavors have ingredients sprinkled on top of the chocolate from the element in question. For example Kukka chocolate has rose petals and flower crystals whereas Metsä consists of spruce sprouts and forest crystals.

-We are delighted to receive this prestigious award! Northwest Chocolate Festival is one of the most recognized events in the artisan chocolate world. It feels especially great to be recognized with craft chocolate enthusiasts, points out Sami Nupponen CEO of Goodio.

Our packaging design has received recognition prior to this award and is credited with the Design From Finland label.

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