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Goodio Launches Nationwide at Barnes & Noble in the U.S.

Goodio launches nationwide in Barnes & Noble. Company’s vegan and organic chocolates will be launched in all of the retailers bookstores in September. – This is a significant milestone for our U.S. business. As a result of this launch we’ll be in more than 600 locations in all states. We are delighted to have our chocolates widely available to American consumers all over the States, says Goodio USA’s CEO Jussi Salonen. Goodio established a subsidiary in the U.S. in 2018 and has been growing ever since. Before Barnes & Noble Goodio's chocolates have been available at Whole Foods Market, Thrive Market and other select retailers nationwide. Expansion of Goodio’s footprint in the American market highlights the demand for vegan craft chocolates. –...

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Mint Ice Cream

Vegan mint ice cream made with loads of chocolate and natural ingredients. Perfect choice for the spring time. Enjoy! Ingredients: 5 g of fresh mint (washed and sliced)2 dl of oat cream 2 dl of coconut cream 1 tbsp vanilla extract 100g of Goodio mint chocolate (half in bits and half crushed) Recipe by Tuuli Kallio

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Dreamy Coconut Bounty Bar

  Do you ever dream of teleporting yourself to Indonesia or Hawai'i to enjoy fresh coconuts on the beach? We neither... But if we would have done that, it would be totally OK since we have now discovered the second best thing when it comes to coconuts. Our lovely friend Julia sent us this delicious recipe for coconut bounty bars and we highly recommend you to try it <3  Ingredients: 1 cup shredded coconut0.5 cup coconut cream2 heaped tbsp coconut oilAbout 100g of Goodio Chocolate of your choiceToppings: Freeze dried raspberries and shredded coconut   1. Mix coconut, coconut cream and coconut oil in a blender or kitchen aid 2. Set in fridge to cool off for about 10-15 min 3....

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Chocolatey Raw Doughnut

We are so glad to see you guys create these magical treats featuring our chocolates. This time we will be sharing a delicious doughnut recipe by @juliaflows. Dig in!   Ingredients: 1 cup cashews2 cup dates1 tbspToppings: melted Goodio chocolate of your choice + freeze dried raspberries + shredded coconut + cacao nibs   1. Blend the cashews, dates and cacao in a food processor or a mixer until smooth(ish) 2. Let it cool off in the fridge 3. Melt the chocolate 4. Make small balls of the dough and press a hole in the middle 5. Dip in the melted chocolate and decorate 6. Let it cool off again in the fridge 7. ENJOY   Thank you for the...

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Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

Craving for something chocolatey and crunchy for the weekend? Then you should definitely check this recipe out! Ingredients:1.5 cups oat flour (make your own by grinding oats in a blender)2 tbsp ground flax seeds1 cup ground almonds1/2 cup maple syrup1/2 tbsp coconut oilA splash of plant-based milk1 tsp baking powderA pinch of vanillaA pinch of salt1/2 cup roughly chopped Goodio coffee chocolate 1. Preheat your oven to 180°C and line a baking tray with parchment paper. 2. Combine all ingredients in a big bowl (add in the chocolate after combining all other ingredients). 3. Take one tablespoon of the dough at a time and roll it into a ball - transfer to your baking sheet and press down evenly. 4....

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