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LONDON FOODIE GUIDE - Vegan and vegetarian options

In the last five years, countless restaurants have taken on fresh, healthful menus in the British capital. It’s more than just about tofu, and meat substitutes. The meals at these restaurants are vibrant, imaginative, and enticing.   As Londoners taste buds adapt, even the more mainstream to-go brands have taken notice.  Last year, Pret-A-Manger announced its first ever vegetarian-only restaurant. What was supposed to be a month-long experiment has turned into a permanent feature. The Soho Pret location will remain vegetarian; in fact, another veggie Pret in London is already in the works, according to the company’s CEO. If you fancy a more traditional sit down meal, here are some other lovely spots with vegan-friendly menus:  1. Farmacy: 74 Westbourne...

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Chocolate for Perfect Mindful Enjoyment

Chocolate can trigger a whole range of different emotions. Some people associate chocolate with pleasant feelings and good memories. Others might remember feelings of guilt and overeating. Regardless of where you stand, there is a way to enjoy chocolate even more. It’s called mindful eating. Mindful eating means being present during your meal but it also includes being grateful for what you are eating and remembering that someone actually produced the food. Important aspects of mindful eating are being aware of how much you eat and why you eat. This is probably not new to you, but we often eat to numb our emotional needs. Chocolate is one of the most common snacks people crave when they are feeling low....

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Goodio ♥ Hong Kong

Get ready, Goodio is going to Asia! We’re taking our first step in the eastern part of the globe, only after a month from our NYC launch. We are thrilled to be entering the exciting Hong Kong market - a gateway to China and Southeast Asia. We have partnered up with Food Linkers in Hong Kong which will be soon followed by Singapore. The quality conscious customers living in these cities will soon find our flavours in select stores. Hongkongers got their first taste of Goodio at Sandlådan x Testkitchen dinner series by star chefs Eric Räty and Toni Toivanen this past week. We are very proud to say they loved us. ;) It turns out Hong Kong is ready...

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6 Chocolatey Updates From Goodio

We decided to go above and beyond. We enhanced our brand, packaging and products to exceed your expectations. Here are the latest changes: 1. Let us introduce to you, our new logo, brand and slogan: It’s All Good culminates what we are all about. Everything we do is 100% good. For us it means transparency, social responsibility, superior taste, sustainability, well-being and design.  Our tagline now represents every part of the business: an effort to do good through business. 2. New sizing: A smaller 30 gram bar will be available in selected stores during November in 8 fantastic flavours. 3. We developed our recipes to be even more natural. As of now we are going to replace all extracts in...

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Goodio ♥ NYC

Right from the beginning we have been thinking big and wanted to be global. This is the first step of our global journey outside of Europe. Oh, and don’t tell anybody, it will soon be followed by much more in Asia.   Hello, gorgeous New York! We are eager to share some sweet news with you.   We are launching our handmade, raw and organic Goodio chocolates in New York and the neighbouring states in October. Our Nordic premium chocolates are now ready to enter the market that loves everything good for the mind, body and our beloved planet.   Our guilt-free and delicious treats will soon be available in select food stores in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Boston....

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