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A great start for the new decade - We are expanding our business again

We are expanding our business again - this time in two different continents! From the beginning of February our chocolates will be available in two new markets. Goodio is launching the vegan and organic chocolates in Russia and Canada. Cool right? Our vegan chocolates are available now in all Prisma Russia stores located in St. Petersburg. We are thrilled to start exporting to Russia, which has been a traditional export market for Finnish companies. What makes it even more exciting is to start the collaboration with SOK. We have had the privilege to work with them on the Finnish market for a long time.   The Canadian market is opened by launching with a distributor and in Canada’s largest bookstore...

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The Story Behind The Beans

It took some time for us to post this blog about Jonni’s trip to Peru last year. But better late than never. Here is a short story about two of the stops Jonni made during his trip in Piura Peru. We purchase most of our beans from Cacaotales an allied for Coop Norandino. Coop Norandino is a cooperative with more that 6000 smallholders and owners of the cooperative; producers of cacao, coffee and panela. These communities are located in Piura, Amazonas and San Martin, regions in north of Peru. Luis Mancini is our main contact from Cacaotales. Luis took Jonni to a trip around the beautiful Piura area. During their trip they visited two cacao farms that are really important...

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Gingerbread Ice Cream

This simple and yummy Gingerbread Ice Cream recipe by Tuuli Kallio for you to enjoy on Holidays! Ingredients: 2,5 dl Oat for whipping 1 can Condensed milk 1 tbsp Glucose syrup 1 tsp Gingerbread spice 1 bar Goodio Gingerbread chocolate Just whip the Oat for Whipping and mix with other ingredients. Put the mixture to freezer. And you are ready!

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Goodio Wins the Award for Outstanding Packaging Design at Northwest Chocolate Festival

Hurray! We won the Award for Outstanding Packaging Design at Northwest Chocolate Festival. The award is won with our Love Letters and Nordic Flavors chocolate collections. Northwest Chocolate Festival is the top show for artisan chocolate in North American and is organized annually in Seattle, WA.   Our Love Letter chocolates were launched as the first product line in 2015. The packaging design of the products has been a driving force since the beginning. It has been vital in Goodio’s global expansion to markets beyond Finland and is inspired by traditional Nordic design elements. The Love Letters flavors often have a Nordic twist to them, such as Wild Blueberry made from Finnish wild blueberries and the surprising combination of Licorice &...

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Spice up Your Winter — New Holiday Flavors from Goodio

We are launching two brand new flavours for you to enjoy! The new items are additions to the Love Letter product family for the upcoming Holiday Season. We came up with a combination of traditional Finnish holiday flavours such as gingerbread and mulled wine paired with handmade chocolate.  -Ever since we started the company we’ve been requested to do Holiday Flavours, finally that time has come. Our Love Letters chocolates are mostly given as a gift to a loved one and we wanted to come up with an alternative that is special to this magical time of the year, points out Goodio’s Sami Nupponen. Winter Glow– exclusive fine chocolate topped with beautiful mulled wine crystals to make this Holiday Season even more...

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