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Nordic Flavors

Nordic Flavours is Goodio's tribute to the magical Nordic nature. Our most exclusive line comes in four flavours.

The collection was designed for the global consumer by honoring the magical Nordic nature. The names for chocolates are derived from the beautiful Finnish language and packaging design resembles each of the four flavors Metsä (Forest), Kukka (Flower), Marja (Berry) and Meri (Sea).

Nordic Flavors have ingredients sprinkled on top of the chocolate from the element in question ‘Berry’ features wild Nordic berries – strawberry, sea buckthorn, lingonberry – and blackcurrant leaves. ‘Flower’ has flower petals and rose crystals on top of the smooth and snappy chocolate. ‘Forest’ features some of the building blocks of the Nordic forest: dried birch leaves, spruce sprouts, and birch sugar crystal. The water-inspired ‘Sea’ is coated with tar nibs and sea salt.

All Nordic Flavours are vegan, gluten-free and soy-free.


Kukka (flower) is a chocolate topped with flower petals and rose crystals. Cacao content is at 69%. The smooth and snappy chocolate has geraniums, roses and cornflowers on top of it along with birch sugar.


Metsä (forest) is a dark chocolate topped with forest crystals and dried birch leaves. The cacao content with this one is at 70%. This flavour features some of the building blocks of the Nordic forest landscape: birch and spruce. 


Meri (sea) is a dark chocolate topped with tar nibs and sea salt. Chocolate's cacao content is at 71%. In the land of a thousand of lakes (187,888 of them) and the Baltic Sea, water has been the inspiration for this simple but wonderful piece of art. 


Marja (berry) is a dark chocolate topped with nordic berries and black currant leaves. It has a cacao content of 71%. This gem features one of key elements of Nordic nature, wild berries - including strawberries, sea buckthorns and lingonberries.