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Nordic Flavours

Nordic Flavours is Goodio's tribute to the magical Nordic nature. Our most exclusive line comes in four flavours: Kukka, Metsä, Meri and Marja.

The names for chocolates are derived from the beautiful Finnish language. All Nordic Flavours are vegan, gluten-free and soy-free.

Chocolates are initially only available at Food Market Herkku in Finland.


Kukka (flower) is a chocolate topped with flower petals and rose crystals. Cacao content is at 69%. The smooth and snappy chocolate has geraniums, roses and cornflowers on top of it along with birch sugar.


Metsä (forest) is a dark chocolate topped with forest crystals and dried birch leaves. The cacao content with this one is at 70%. This flavour features some of the building blocks of the Nordic forest landscape: birch and spruce. 


Meri (sea) is a dark chocolate topped with tar nibs and sea salt. Chocolate's cacao content is at 71%. In the land of a thousand of lakes (187,888 of them) and the Baltic Sea, water has been the inspiration for this simple but wonderful piece of art. 


Marja (berry) is a dark chocolate topped with nordic berries and black currant leaves. It has a cacao content of 71%. This gem features one of key elements of Nordic nature, wild berries - including strawberries, sea buckthorns and lingonberries.