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Meet Our New Italian Family Members

Meet Our New Italian Family Members

Goodio chocolate factory
Old bread factory turned into our new chocolate factory. How cool is that!

Wow, this Christmas time was more exciting than ever! During the last weeks we’ve spent busy and sweaty days in our new factory unpacking our new machines. And I’m super proud to say that it almost looks like a chocolate factory already!

 After a careful selection process, we had chosen to buy our new machinery from the legendary Selmi Chocolate Machinery. And just before Christmas, our new bean-to-bar line arrived in the heart of Helsinki from the sunny Piemonte district from Italy.

Goodio chocolate factory

 Our new babies have arrived in Kallio, Helsinki

 The Italian Selmi company was established in 1965 by Renato Selmi and it actually started its activity as hazelnut paste processing company which afterwards focused on chocolate processing, thus becoming a respected specialist in this field. Selmi describes their machines as “The harmony between innovation and passion” and that’s exactly what we love about them: passion towards perfection and innovative approach to make world’s best chocolate!

 Our crown jewels in the new factory are the ball refiner (chocolate mill) called “Big Mama” and the 12 m tempering tunnel (name not invented yet so feel free to give suggestions!). Big Mama can make up to 60 kg of delicious and extra velvety chocolate and the tunnel cools down the chocolate guaranteeing the high-quality end result.

Goodio chocolate factory

 Sampsa and Sami admiring our precious Big Mama

On top of these we got a lot of other machines as well, like a small vibrating sieve, called Vibrovaglio, which makes sure the chocolate mass is super smooth. And a grinder, which grinds the cacao beans before they go into Big Mama, ensuring the velvety texture of the chocolate. These and many more machines are now standing in the basement of an old bread factory in Kallio, Helsinki. Just waiting to get started with new Goodio goods <3

Goodio chocolate factory

Our new tempering tunnel still needs a name. Any ideas?

 Our brand-new machines help us to make even better chocolate in the future. They also make it possible to ensure that the process is as gentle as possible in order to preserve all the nutritious goodness of cacao and other ingredients. And of course, we get more possibilities to create new exciting flavours and treats!

It’ll still take a few weeks before we get to push the button and get Big Mama rolling for the first time. So stay tuned for the updates, we can’t wait to share the next steps of this adventure!!


Taru, Chief Development Officer

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