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Make My Heart Beet (Parfait For Two)

Make My Heart Beet (Parfait For Two)

Show your mom some love and surprise her with this jar of happiness! 



1 beetroot

1 ½  bananas

½ dl (¼ cups) coconut manna

1 ½ dl (¾ cups) water

⅙ avocado

pinch licorice root powder

pinch chia seeds

Combine and blend all the ingredients until smooth. 

Chia puddings:
Mix 3dl of oat milk (or any other plant milk) with 4 tbsp chia seeds.


Pour chia puddings into two jars or high glasses. Add smoothie on top. We decorated the parfaits with kiwis and topped them with sea buckthorns, coconut flakes and pecans - you can use ingredients you prefer. 

Enjoy with each other and have a wonderful Mother's Day! 

Recipe by: Heini Olli

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