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Goodio in the Land of Fjords

Goodio in the Land of Fjords


We are thrilled for our launch in Norway, our Nordic neighbour and 12th market in our Goodio scratch map!

Our story in Norway started when our distributor partner Oh Yes by E & A found Goodio chocolates in Malmö, Sweden. Elisabeth and Annette approached us just two months ago and we quickly realised that they would be excellent partners for us. We ramped up the schedule and launched our healthful treats in yet another great market just before Christmas time. We are feeling great☺

Norway is a progressive food market with lots of lovely health and fine food stores. As in all the markets we are in, Goodio chocolates can be found even in surprising places - stay tuned for updates on this!

One of the most exciting parts of our program last week was to personally deliver chocolates to our first customers: Oslo Raw, Rötter, Ekte Vare, Ökohjärtat, and Life. We learned so much about Norwegian people and local food trends by chatting with several buyers while delivering the chocolates and visiting stores. Design and natural foods are close to Norwegian hearts and we felt instantly warmly welcome. Everyone was excited about Goodio <3

Marketing in mind, we took over media and design offices with chocolate tastings. We wanted to reach potential buyers and share the Goodio goodness to people all around Oslo. The launch day ended in our super cool launch party for media and influencers. Pauliina from our trusted partner Kyrö Distillery Company made amazing chocolate & gin pairings for the guests. We hope to arrange more of these events in other markets, too!

In the near future, you will find us at Oslo Design Fair as well as Health & Beauty Scandinavia. Looking forward to meeting more Norwegian chocolate lovers! 



Iida, VP Business Development

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