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Festive Superfood Chocolate Bark

Festive Superfood Chocolate Bark


This is by far the easiest chocolately treat you can possibly ever made! It takes not time to make and it’s a great little treat to impress your guests. I love loading this chocolate bark with some incredible superfoods like bee pollen and goji berries bit if you don’t them or can’t find them, don’t worry! It will still be delicious even without. I love using pistachios and hazelnuts but please feel free to use your favourite nuts.


3 bars of Goodio chocolate ( I have used a mix of dark chocolate and blueberry flavour)

1/2 dl (1/4 cup) of dried cranberries

1/2 dl (1/4 cup) of sultanas

1/2 dl (1/4 cup) of mixed nuts of your choice - I have used a mix of pistachios and hazelnuts as I love the green colour of the pistachios and the festive flavour of the hazelnuts

2 tablespoons of raw coconut chips

1 tablespoon of bee pollen (optional)

2 tablespoons of goji berries (optional)

Melt the dark chocolate au bain Marie ( place them in a bowl and then place the bowl on top of a pan with boiling water). Cover a baking tray with some parchment paper and pour over the melted chocolate. Even it out with a spatula. Simply sprinkle all the toppings on top making sure they evenly distributed.

Place the tray in the freezer for about 20 minutes until the chocolate is completely solid. Cut into squares and enjoy!


Recipe by Elisa Rossi

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