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Chocolate Adventure in Italy

Chocolate Adventure in Italy

Last week we had the most amazing trip to Italy to see our new, tailor made bean-to-bar line. Our destination was a small village of Alba, where the annual truffles festival had just ended (next year we’ll be on time). However, we weren’t there for the truffles, we had something much more important in mind…

The purpose of our trip was to make the final check on our brand-new chocolate making machinery. We got to see and test everything from cacao bean cleaner machine (called winnower) and cacao nib grinder to 12m long tempering tunnel. It’s one kick-ass tunnel, believe me!

We had such a warm welcome at the Selmi Chocolate Machines and it instantly felt like coming home. Our chocolate specialist and training sensei, Mr. Gabriele Rinaudo, walked us through all the details and specialities of chocolate making. He also taught us how to clean the machines properly so that we can give them their daily bath. During our stay the Selmi engineers even fixed one of our machines right on the spot when it wasn’t functioning perfectly. Such professionalism and careful craftsmanship. We were super impressed!

Now that we’ve actually seen and touched our new machines I can’t wait to get them home. I wish Christmas could come a bit early this year. We’re all very excited to start building up the new production line for our new factory in Kallio. Believe it or not, we'll be making even better chocolates in the very near future, yayyy!

So stay tuned and be prepared, the Italian miracle machines are almost here and I promise the new chocolates will blow your mind:)


Taru, Chief Development Officer

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