Vegan Sunday Brunch 10.12. – Goodio

Vegan Sunday Brunch 10.12.

Escape the coldness of December and come enjoy vegan brunch to our café on Sunday 10.12.2017. Table will be served at 12.00 and 14.00. Please note that tables are limited so make sure to book your spot in time.
Green salad (g,v)
Tomato-basil pesto (g,v)
Grandma’s zucchini & cucumber (g,v)
Roasted greens (g,v)
Broad bean salsa (g,v)
Cranberry coleslaw (v)
Italian sweet potato salad (g,v)
Chilean black bean salad & chili vinaigrette (g,v)
Mediterranean quinoa salad (g,v)
Focaccia bread (g,v)
Hummus (g,v)

Raw cakes: Sneaky Snackers, Chocolate Dream, Wild Blueberry (g,v)
Coffee (g,v)
Tea (g,v)
The price of the brunch is 25 €/person.
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Warm welcome <3
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