Café – Goodio


Goodio Cafe Counter

Goodio Café is our laboratory and concept for treat innovations in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. 

We offer our signature coconut milk ice cream, smoothies, raw cakes, smoothie bowls along with other delicious treats. All dishes are guaranteed Goodio quality, good for the mind, body and our beloved planet.

Opening hours:

Mondays: Closed
Tue–Fri 9:00-20:00
Sat–Sun 10:00-18:00

Exceptions to the opening hours 2017
23.11. 9:00-16:00
24.11. 13:00-20:00
5.–6.12. Closed
24.–26.12. Closed
27.–30.12. 12:00-18:00
31.12. Closed

See all the treats in our menu.