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A great start for the new decade - We are expanding our business again

We are expanding our business again - this time in two different continents!
From the beginning of February our chocolates will be available in two new markets. Goodio is launching the vegan and organic chocolates in Russia and Canada. Cool right?
Our vegan chocolates are available now in all Prisma Russia stores located in St. Petersburg. We are thrilled to start exporting to Russia, which has been a traditional export market for Finnish companies. What makes it even more exciting is to start the collaboration with SOK. We have had the privilege to work with them on the Finnish market for a long time.


The Canadian market is opened by launching with a distributor and in Canada’s largest bookstore chain called Indigo. The launch in Canada was a natural expansion for us. We have operated in North America since launch with the Whole Foods Market in the U.S. in 2017. This launch in Canada strengthens our position in the North American market where our largest growth currently derives from. We are excited to have our vegan chocolates available to Canadian consumers across the country.
The opening of these markets has been a great start to the year after the extremely busy holiday season. We have been a global company since the beginning. For example in February members of our small sales team are doing business in three different continents: Asia, Europe and USA.
Already looking forward what else this year brings us!

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