Chocolate Gift Pack — 9 bars – Goodio
Chocolate Gift Pack — 9 bars

Chocolate Gift Pack — 9 bars

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The Goodio Chocolate Gift Pack is the perfect gift for a premium quality chocolate lover. This selection of nine unique flavors in our collection and takes you and/or your loved ones on a delicious journey. From Finland with love. 

Arriba - Sophisticated dark chocolate celebrating the rich and complex taste of authentic Arriba cacao from exotic Ecuador.

Mint - Refreshing mint chocolate made with traditionally grown peppermint leaves.

Licorice & Sea Buckthorn - Sweet licorice and piquant Nordic sea buckthorns combined with sophisticated chocolate to create perfect harmony.

Chai - Traditional chai spices blended together with smooth and creamy chocolate creating a fragrant, exotic flavor experience from India.

Coconut - Blend of raw cacao and creamy coconut, resulting in a sweet milk chocolatey flavor that softly melts in your mouth.

Wild BlueberryUnique combination of raw chocolate and wild blueberries gathered from the Finnish wilderness.

Café UbuntuLike the African concept of ubuntu or interconnectedness, a blend of distinctive East African coffees that join harmoniously to create a chocolate with rich notes of golden raisin, maple and fig.

Coffee Starring sweet, smooth and powerful Espresso Verde organic coffee beans with cashew nuts for creamy taste.

Sea Salt - A beautiful harmony of cacao beans from the Congo and sea salt from Icelandic fjords, harvested by hand.